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Some our projects of Lean Thinking

Up to 80% recovered productivity, up to 50% abated stock and areas, 80% sped up crossing lead times, up to 30% cost reduction: touchable and authenticated results in companies which have adopted Lean Manufacturing principals through operative methodology of Q&O consultants

It could be incredible results but they are true and certificated because they are obtained in different firms. which have adopted Lean Manufacturing principals through operative methodology of Q&O consultants. Here some examples:

In design and assembly pressing and packaging automatic line company in Reggio Emilia district
In 2000 the firm, one of the most important supplier of an international packing group, has been starting a world class manufacturing project (excellence approach very close to lean). Q&O consultants managed the first three years of the project with result of optimization of assembly flows, warehouse and stock areas reduction, quality improvement, order answer time compression.

The final results are: a strong answer reduction time (from 8 weeks to 3 weeks) with a 25% efficiency improvement in assembly phase, the elimination of central warehouses (al the material is on the lines) and a better stock rotation (from 2,5 to 8 times)

In Bologna district a leading company in ambulatory equipment and dentist studios sector, company that received the Bocconi Award as the best Italian firm operating according to lean thematic last year. Q&O consulting supports the Operation Direction in the development of supply chain project, extending lean principals to strategic suppliers with duplex aim: cost reduction and delivery reliability. The guidelines of the project are: the building of a really integrated supplier approach oriented to flow and cadence, the extension lean principals to the suppliers, rationalization of the informative and decisional flow redesigning material flows.

In Bologna district a electronic equipment company
(ho usato il present perfect continuos perchè l'azione è iniziata nel passato ma dura anche nel presente)

The company has been starting since 90s an optimization program of its productive and organizational structure, with the generation of Business Unit and the activation in assembly area of flow production methodology with kanban techniques. The project, in last few years, has introduced Lean methodologies. In this period Q&O has supported company in developing own resource and recently, Q&O has started to use the lean assessment model for monitoring the results.   

In Bologna district a mechanic compressor producer company

After the first intervention of rationalizing the logistic productive structure lasted two year in order to optimize the programmed and warehouse flows, then a project of crossing optimization has started in the industrial division. The fixed objectives are: two day crossing time, quality improvement, and above all the management of countless requested market variants.
The results of lean project, which has realized on one of the three industrial lines, are: the crossing time has fallen from 8 to 1,5 days, the productivity has risen by 40%, the supermarket permits the production of all the possible variants, with the elimination of crisis of missing "products".

Some projects have taken place: the product development and extension of lean strategy also in the other lines, the support to the supplier network in order to pull the flow.

In Bologna district an automotive elbow trees and connecting rod producer company  
The project, started for improving resource efficiency and material flows, consists in the implementation of pull productive line. Because a strong skew has been noticed between planning, industrialization and production, Q&O has decided to give priority to lean design project (on a driving project) in order to reduce time to market, and, above all, to fast reach the regime going productive flow.

The current obtained results are: space rationalizing and material management, production gateway by eight months since the project start for a new product which has obliged company to invest in new technology.

In Bologna district, a coffee machine company

The project, still on work, aims to restructuring operation area for improving market answer, and, above all, for permitting the firm a good delivery reliability, which is fundamental to play a role among the big international companies.

The lean project has attended two areas:

  • Operation area: the is aim is to convert in a pull logic fifteen assembly lines. The production is drawn directly by the order client (no finished goods warehouse). The project acts on the suppliers for reducing the constraints (batch, delivery) costs (technology rationalization), optimization of material flow with the strategic suppliers and obtaining cost reduction and crossing time compression. Today all the lines are productive with a 15% resource recovery, guaranteeing an immediate order answer (no more then 48 ours) and a 16% industrial cost recovery on products.
  • Product development: a lean design project for the new product lines which has produced 3 international patterns, the market introduction of the new lines on the fixed time (6 months), the introduction of all planning criteria which simplify the productive and assembly process (with a 40% man per machine time reduction).